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FAD 관련 운용계획

Operation plan for Non-Entangling FAD

Document Number : Marine Business NO. 2017-1
Addresser : Marine Business Unit
Recipient : Purse seiner Fleet
Date : April 18th, 2017

According to IOTC Resolution 15/08, Vessels owned by SAJO OYANG, and which are operating in Indian Ocean use only Non-Entangling FADs with duly observing above Resolution.? In addition, according to ISSF resolution 3.5, We, SAJO OYANG announce public policy of operation plan for Non Entangling FADs from April 18th 2017 for vessels which are operating in Western Pacific Ocean and Starting on April 18th 2018, We, do not permit aboard and use our vessels that practice of deploying FADs that are of Highest Entanglement Risk as defined in the 2013 ISSF Guide for Non-Entangling FADs. In order to achieve this, construction of new FADs to be deployed by our vessels adheres to the following:

1. If netting is used, it is only of small mesh, which is less than 2.5 inch stretched mesh
2. If the raft is covered, it should generally be with shade cloth or canvas. If small mesh netting is used, it must be tightly wrapped around the raft with no loose netting hanging from it.
3. The subsurface [hanging] structure should generally be made with ropes, canvas, nylon sheets or other non-entangling materials. If small mesh netting is used, it must be tightly tied into bundles [“sausages”], or in a panel that is weighted so as to keep it taut.